Simple Solutions to your Campaign Finance Needs

Campaign Finance Services

Campaign Finance Services

Campaign Finance ServicesCampaign Finance ServicesCampaign Finance Services

Running for political office and need help forming your committee, filing campaign finance reports and keeping track of financial transactions? Jukus Campaign Finance PLLC can help. We provide a variety of accounting and compliance services for campaigns.


Treasury/Compliance Services

Outsource all or portions of your treasurer functions:

  • Formation of political committees
  • Filing or reviewing Federal Election Commission ("FEC")  and State campaign finance reports
  • Accounts Payable and bill payment services
  • Caging Services for contributions and receipts
  • Screening Services for contributions to ensure they are legally acceptable 


  • Bank reconciliations
  • Providing periodic Profit & Loss statements to assist with budgeting
  • Cash on hand reports
  • Issuing 1099's to contractors and IRS
  • Filing IRS 1120-POL tax returns

Types of clients

  • Federal House and Senate campaign committees
  • Federal Leadership PACs
  • Federal Joint Fundraising Committees
  • Federal PACs
  • State and Local Candidate committees and PACs
  • Federal and State Super PACs